October 2, 2023
Tips for Preventing Motion Sickness While Boating
preventing motion sickness

Tips for Preventing Motion Sickness While Boating


If you have friends or family members who are hesitant to join your boating day for fear of seasickness, this post is for you! Boating is a great family and friend activity that gets all ages involved. You can make wonderful lifelong memories on a boat with your loved ones. However, some people struggle with motion sickness, and riding on a boat does not help. Before you sign off on any boat excursion, try these tips for reducing or preventing motion sickness while boating.


Bring bland snack foods


One of the worst things you can do when you struggle with seasickness is get on a boat with an empty stomach. Having something in your stomach can tremendously help your motion sickness symptoms. That said, don’t overeat and choose bland snacks, like crackers or pretzels, for best success at preventing those symptoms.


Watch the horizon


One trick to help your brain fight off motion sickness while on a boat is to watch the horizon. If you keep your eyes up and focus on the horizon in front of you, it can get rid of those unwanted symptoms. Your brain is now focused on the movement, which helps your body stay centered. It’s a double win: you cure your seasickness and enjoy the most beautiful views.


Use acupressure wristbands


Many people find success with acupressure wristbands, also known as Sea Bands. You wear these on your wrist, and it applies pressure at specific points to prevent nausea related to motion sickness. If you have never tried these before, give it a go the next time you want to take a boat ride with friends or family. These Sea Bands are easy to find and inexpensive and might be the solution to your seasickness!


Stay hydrated


There’s nothing worse than accelerating motion sickness symptoms with dehydration. If you’re dehydrated, it’s harder to prevent nausea and other unwanted feelings with seasickness. Drink water before and during your boat trip, especially if it’s a hot and sunny day. You don’t want to give your body any other excuse to fall into seasickness! Starting the day off hydrated will help set you up for success.


Find the shade


Many boats have at least one shaded area, and if that’s the case for your boat, camp out there if it helps subside any oncoming motion sickness symptoms. Direct sunlight for long periods of time can cause you to get overheated, which can exacerbate those symptoms. Shade and a cool breeze do wonders for seasickness symptoms.


Avoid harsh foods and alcohol


If you really want to go all in to prevent motion sickness on your boat day, avoid certain foods and alcohol. Foods with a lot of grease, fat, and spice may increase those seasickness symptoms. Additionally, alcohol is dehydrating, and its effects can worsen motion sickness. It’s best to avoid these altogether or consume them in very small amounts until you know how they affect you.


Get fresh air


One of the best ways to stop nausea with motion sickness is to get fresh air as soon as possible. Go to the front of the boat where you can feel the constant breeze (plus look at that horizon!), and that should help subside your symptoms.


Start small and take breaks


If you’re new to riding on boats, there’s no need to set out for an 8-hour boating excursion. Start with a small boating trip or take breaks throughout the day. This could be stopping at a marina for lunch, swimming in the lake, or finding a sandy beach to dock at for the afternoon. Taking baby steps will help build up your stamina and confidence for riding on a boat!


Don’t miss out on the fun!


We know motion sickness is one of the worst feelings, especially when it’s preventable. Don’t let that stop you from a fun day on the water with your loved ones! These tips will help you prevent or subside those symptoms enough to enjoy some time on the boat. Once you find what works for you, it will be easier each time to ride on a boat in southwest Florida. 


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Published: October 2, 2023
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