December 5, 2022
15 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Boaters
gift ideas for boat owners

15 Budget-Friendly Gift Ideas for Boaters 


The holiday season is here, and you are still trying to decide what gift to buy for the boat owner in your life. So if you find yourself pounding cups of cocoa and blasting holiday music in a desperate, late-night Google binge in search of the perfect gift, don’t worry. We’ve got you. Rocket Marine’s team of avid boaters is here with a list of gift ideas for boat owners based on what we, as boat owners, would love to see under our trees this year!

We even put on our elf hats and gave Santa a few tips! So let’s save you a little time, guessing, and worrying, and share our perfect gift ideas for mariners that won’t break the bank.


Stocking budget-friendly boater gift ideas


Stocking Budget-Friendly Boater Gift Ideas


1. Multi-Purpose Tool

Every boat owner will face a day when they need a multi-purpose tool. A multi-purpose (multitool) is very handy in a variety of situations. They help with everything from minor repairs to bigger adjustments on the water.

Instead of the hassle (and space) of carrying around a complete toolkit, opt for a multi-purpose tool. Several brands offer fantastic multi-purpose tool options for reasonable prices. Look at Swiss Champ, Gerber Bear Grylls model, and Wichard Offshore tool. Each of the above brands has tested, tried, and true features for boaters! There are even options specifically designed for boating. For example, the Original Boat Gadet 10-in-1 tool and the DeckMate 6-in-1 boating tool, each element created explicitly for boating! 


2. Boat Scuff Erasers


Most boat owners treat their boats with tender, loving care – No scuffs shall pass! However, scuffs are an inevitable part of boating. When this happens, a boat scuff eraser is an easy, chemical-free solution to remove unsightly scuffs from the boat’s hull. 

Think of the magic erasers you have in your home cleaning kit. A boat scuff eraser works the same way. They remove grime, dirt, and “who knows what that is” from the boat’s surface. These are relatively inexpensive and make perfect stocking stuffers!


3. Funny T-Shirt


We get it. Docking the boat is a struggle; sometimes, you just need to laugh at yourself (or the person struggling to dock the boat). This boating t-shirt is a great gift to remind the boater in your life that we all struggle, at some point, to dock the darn boat!


4. Boater Bracelet


If you want to get the boater in your life something stylish to wear out on the water without worrying the water will ruin it, then this nautical bracelet is the choice for you! The bracelet features a stainless steel magnetic clasp and quality paracord rope. Stylish, practical, and functional, it is the perfect addition to any boater’s wardrobe. It also comes with a bag and gift box. No need to wrap the gift? We are all about that! Interested in something a little more dressy yet still casual? Another option is this stylish Anchor Bracelet.


Knot Tying Kit

5. Knot Tying Kit 


There are tons of nautical knots out there. Therefore, it is challenging and overwhelming to learn them all. Help your boating friend, partner, or family member learn the ropes (pun intended) with a quality, easy-to-digest reference kit. Nautical knots come in handy in various situations when out on the water. 


Look for knot-tying kits that include ropes, a horn cleat to practice with, and a set of easy-to-follow reference cards. You can find kits on (surprise, surprise) Amazon or a boating supply store.


6. Bottle Opener


A bottle opener is always an excellent gift idea for boat owners. What goes better with open water adventure than a nice cool beer? Every captain needs a bottle opener on their boat. Look for bottle openers that easily mount on the boat, so they never have to worry about packing or losing it. In addition, look for ones made from material that won’t rust or stain in a damp environment, like stainless steel with a brushed finish.



7. A Captain Coffee Mug


Many boaters love to hit the open water early in the morning to try their luck with the fish. So what better way to start a day on the boat than with your very own captain coffee mug? There are several options out there (and keep in mind the mug doesn’t actually have to say “captain” on it). However, we are particularly fond of the “I’m The Captain” coffee mug. It is unbreakable and insulated, keeping liquids hot or cold. 



8. Personalized Boat Float Keychain 


A boat float keychain is another practical gift that gives your boater peace of mind. Opting for a customizable one can make the gift more exciting, fun, and personal. There are plenty of options out there. We love the selection sellers on Etsy have to offer.



9. Waterproof Solar Powered Portable Charger


Our smartphones have now become an extension of ourselves. How grateful would the boater in your life be if you gave them the assurance that their smartphone would not die when out on the water? A portable charger is good, a solar-powered portable charger is better, but a waterproof solar-powered portable charger, now you’re just talking crazy! You can find several options and brands out here. We personally like this portable solar-powered charger. It has many great reviews and an extra dual LED flashlight feature.


10. Boating Sunglasses


So this can and cannot be a budget item for your gift ideas. It depends on what features, brand, and quality you want. There are a lot of factors to think about when considering sunglasses for boating. That’s why we wrote a whole article about the best sunglasses for boaters. If you want to buy a pair of sunglasses for the boater in your life and stay within budget, we recommend the KastKing Polarized Sport Sunglasses. These sunglasses boast polarized and glare-reducing lenses and sturdy frames. 


Under The Tree Budget-Friendly Boater Gift Ideas


Under The Tree Budget-Friendly Boater Gift Ideas


11. Waterproof Floating Dry Bag

A waterproof floating dry bag is a necessity for any avid boater. While it isn’t the most exciting gift on our list, it is very practical. A waterproof floating dry bag ensures that phones, keys, and wallets all remain safe and come back in one piece when out on the water. In addition, you can’t go wrong with keeping valuables in a dry bag, just in case you hit a patch of rough water, the wind picks up, or it starts to rain. Look for dry bags made of heavy-duty 500-D PVC and waterproof welded seams to offer extra protection. Finally, look for dry bags with features like a sling or handle. You want to ensure it is convenient to carry. 


12. Barefoot Water Socks


Water socks (AKA water shoes) are an excellent attire option for the boater in your life. They have a flexible upper layer and protective sole, so you don’t worry about getting your shoes wet and can still protect your feet. In addition, these water socks come in 30 different colors and patterns, ensuring you can find the perfect pair to fit your boater’s style. 


13. Boat Cleaning Supplies


Most boat lovers like to keep their ship in tip-top shape. Therefore, keeping your boat clean is crucial to being a boat owner. While you might not anticipate a huge celebration over opening a bottle of leather conditioner, boat cleaning supplies can make great gifts! You can build a custom “gift bucket” with various tools a boater would appreciate, such as microfiber cloths, a wash-and-wax cleaner, non-skid deck wax, a soft bristle brush, and a bucket to put it all in. You can also get a premade kit, like this microfiber sponge and bucket kit.


14. First Aid Kit


You never know what adventure or mishap is waiting just around the bend when out on the water. That’s why it is imperative always to have a well-stocked first-aid kit on board. Helping the boater in your life fully prepare for all circumstances is a great gift! This 100-piece first aid kit has all the essential tools needed to treat common injuries, like bandaids, wipes, a cold compress, gauze, and antibiotic ointment.


15. Telescoping Paddle


This telescoping paddle is easily adjustable to various lengths. It is very compactable, making it easy to store on the boat conveniently. Featuring an aluminum shaft, it is corrosion-resistant. Finally, it rocks a bright orange color so that a search and rescue team could easily spot your boater if something were to go wrong.


Bonus: A Bigger Budget Gift Item


Here at Rocket Marine, we love two things: educating our customers to help keep them safe out on the water and providing top-quality trailers to help them get to the water safely. So if you know the boater in your life needs a new trailer or some maintenance on their current trailer, we would love to help you give the gift of safe travels! 


From our boat-loving family to yours, we wish you a holly, jolly holiday season!


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Published: December 5, 2022
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